St. George Live in scenic St. George: home to red rocks and endless blue skies!










    Being the largest city in Southern Utah, St. George is home to endless opportunities for living and experiencing. Its prestigious golf courses, first-rate medical center, thriving arts community, division 2 university, a seemingly perfect climate, and many other factors have contributed to its rapid growth and increasing popularity.

    St.  George is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. Many choose to spend a day spent mountain biking and hiking the sprawling trails of the Green Valley Gap, or mountain climbing at the Chuckwalla trail head, or even repelling the face of Dixie Rock. With an average year-round temperature of 76 degrees, St. George offers its comfortable climate in exchange for more adventurous folks. Visitors flock from all corners of the world to experience the pristine weather and exclusive scenery, and leave with lasting memories and the desire to return.

    With over 2,500 lodging rooms, from cozy bed n’ breakfasts, to posh hotels and the ease of an air bnb, St. George can easily accommodate it 2 million visitors per year. In addition are over 50 restaurants and eateries as well as excellent shopping and unique boutiques. Take a stroll down main street to witness its historic charm, fine art galleries, and exquisite dining.

    Many would agree and can attest to the joys found in its simplicity. From the grandeur of soaring red cliffs, to endless blue skies and charming small town sentiments, St. George is the ideal place to plant your roots. Not only is it a premiere locale to frequent, but also the perfect place to call home