Springdale Real Estate


    Springdale: thriving on fine art, delighted by charming cafe’s and quaint boutiques, booming with tourism, while nestled beneath soaring red cliffs and sunny skies. Home to Zion and the spirit of adventure, Springdale is most unlike any other town. Known for its unique charisma and striking views, visitors flock from all around the world to witness such a wonder. With posh resorts, comfy bed n’ breakfasts, the convenience of an Airbnb, plus dozens of camp sites, the town is suitable for the 4 million plus visitors per year.

    Spend a morning strolling through the artistic community, frequenting the seven fine art galleries and inviting store fronts. Enjoy conversations with foreigners and make new friends at the local cafe’s. A personal favorite is Oscar’s, where their cheese tamales and homemade salsa are guaranteed to tickle your taste buds.

    Embark on great adventures in Zion, where you’ll discover renowned sights, like Weeping Rock, Emerald Pools, the Narrows and Angel’s Landing. For lesser frequented attractions, journey towards Observation Point and detract on any of the diverging trails up there, or traverse to the East side of Zion to unearth petroglyphs and to hike the East Rim Trail.