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St. George Market Statistics

Every quarter we receive something called a “Market Pulse,” – a report on the current market statistics in St. George. With it comes a great deal of vital information for not only real estate agents, but to the general public as well. Here you’ll find numbers for active pending listings, total homes sold, and much more! Take a look to discover more about the St. George market!

Active & Pended Listings:

Since the market crash in 2008, we saw a steady decline in active listings, until growth re-ensued in 2011. Real estate in St. George has since experienced an incredible growth curve, as the number of active listings available on the market and number of pended homes continue to converge. This results in a pressure to drive up prices, which will continue so long as the buyer demand is stable or inventory is low.


Total Homes Sold:

As of the end of September 2017, sold homes are up 10%. With 4,293 single family homes being sold in the past 12 months, this results in a 132% increase since Feb. 2009.


Sales Price V. List Price Ratio:

Homes that are priced accordingly and in good condition are selling fast for approximately 98% of their asking price. Homes priced between $200-$300k often receive multiple offers and are even selling for more than their asking price.


% Of Units Listed Which Sold

An average of 70% of listed homes actually sell. The 30% which do not sell are homes that are overpriced and do not show well on or offline. To almost guarantee a sale, it pays to have your home professionally staged, photographed, and well priced and aggressively advertised by an expert real estate agent.





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