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Get your closets organized quick and easy!

Hey everyone!

We want to help you get organized.

How do your closets look?! If they look anything like mine, you can definitely benefit from this blog post!

Check out this cool video we found from Buzz Feed and then scroll down to find a few pretty sweet tips for getting your closets organized quick and easy!


Try these tricks!


Instead of hanging your fantastic scarf collection from hangers in your closet

and taking up valuable “real estate” in your closet, attach a towel bar to the wall to create a quick and easy display for your collection!


You can fit MORE shoes in your closet if you stagger them on your shelves.

Store them with the right toe to the front and the left heel to the front!


Get creative with office and kitchen supplies!

Paper towel  and magazine holders can be utilized for small items like jewelry and purses.

What are those little ring tings for on the top of the soda can for?

They’re for your hangers, of course!

Use these little bad boys as hanger extenders and use up some of that dead space in your closets!

Have fun organizing with these little tips!


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