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  • Buy Local First: Visit the Downtown Farmer’s Market at Ancestor’s Square

Buy Local First: Visit the Downtown Farmer’s Market at Ancestor’s Square

Every Saturday, Ancestor’s Square in Downtown St. George transforms itself into a humble mecca of local fruits and veggies, as well as a hotspot for artists and crafters alike! Enjoy the refreshing colors of harvest, feast on free samples of gourmet nuts and jams, and stimulate our local economy while you’re at it.


The Downtown Farmer’s Market is a free event scheduled from 8-noon, lasting until the end of October. Produce and goods include fruits, veggies, free range beef, pork, lamb, select cheeses and pastries, organic, cage-free eggs, local honey, live plants, and homemade goods, such as soaps, art work, photography, jewelry, woodwork and much more!


So, why buy local? By nature of course, that money would stay local. As you support our local businesses and vendors (like at the farmer’s market) the money will continue to circulate in and out of our community. This, in turn, strengthens the economic base and growth of local businesses.


Not only does it stimulate the economy, but buying local also creates more diversified jobs and unique establishments, has better customer service than big box stores, and are usually owned and operated by members of the community, which strengthens community ties.


Another benefit of supporting the locals is that it reduces the environmental impact that shipping produces. This also contributes to less congestion, urban sprawl, factory production, and habitat loss and causes less C02 to enter the atmosphere, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.


With staggering facts like this, not only would small communities benefit from local support, but so would the whole world; and that is no hyperbole. Imagine for a moment, a land dedicated to promoting small businesses and local services. This place, I guarantee, is cleaner, has better air quality, has stronger community networking, supports and uplifts neighbors, and encourages more sustainability within the community, rather than relying on larger corporations to cut prices and cause price wars with competitors.


So, let’s all work towards making St. George the best town around and support our local businesses and vendors! Begin with the Downtown Farmer’s Market this weekend!   

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