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5 Spring Maintenance Tips For Your Home

Spring is almost here! Team SURGE we would like to remind you of 5 Spring Maintenance tips every home owner should keep in mind.

1) Vacuum/delint your dryer and dryer hose.  By doing so this it will improve the efficiency of your dryer, save you money on your utilities, and remove a possible fire hazard from your home.

2) Inspect and Clean your gutters.  Making sure your gutters are clean and functioning, as they are intended to do, is very important. This will help  protection your home and homes foundation from possible water damage.  It is important to inspect and clean your gutters in the spring and fall.

3) Inspect, test, and change batteries in all Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors in your home every spring and fall.  This will insure the safety of you, your family, and your property,  is easy to do and does not take very long.

4) Replace your Furnace/Air Filter(s).  This is one of the most over looked items in cutting back on your utility bills and maintaining a properly working HVAC system.  We here at Team SURGE highly recommend changing your air filters every 30 days or per manufactures recommendations of your system(s).

5) Flush your Water Heater.  This is very important in maintaining the over-all life and proper functioning of a water heater and most manufacturers recommend doing this once a year.


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