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4 Tips for first time home buyers


1) Is owning a home vs. renting right for you.  Zillow has a great article that goes into great detail to help you decide which one is best for you.

2) Can you afford a home?  By getting pre-approved by a bona fide lender, like Academy Mortgage, will not only answer this question for you but it will also reveal any hidden issues that can arise during the purchase process, and how much money you will need to put down.  Follow this link to basic mortgage questions to ask your lender.

3) Hire a qualified real estate agent before you start your new home search.  This is one of the MOST important things you can do, and it’s free (ask your agent details about this).  Schedule a consultation with a Team SURGE agent before you go any further.  This is a great time make sure you, and your agent, are on the same page (locations where you want to live, price, needs and wants with the home and yard, school districts, etc.) and understanding all expectations of each other.

4) Have fun looking at homes and be prepared to act fast.  With current market conditions most homes are sold within 30-60 days and between 96%-98% of the asking price.  Visit Team SURGE website for all market stats to see what the current market conditions trends are doing in your area.

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