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3 Tiny Homes Huge that are HUGE on Style


  1. Glam Meets Tiny

Who knew tiny could be so fabulous? With luxury finishes and glamorous accents, this home is perfect for a queen!

2. A Dreamy Southern Lakeside Cottage

Believe it or not, this charming little cottage is actually a tiny house! At only 464 square feet, this dreamy cottage was designed by Jeffery Dungam and dubbed “Low Country” in honor of the Southern region that inspired its style.


3. Greenhouse + Tiny Home = (insert 3 heart eye emojis)

A Greenhouse attachment plus a tiny home?! Does it get any better??? Built by Olive Nest Tiny Homes, the main structure measures 323 square feet with a full size, farmhouse kitchen and an upstairs loft. The greenhouse attaches to the main house, adding an additional 85 square feet – perfect for growing herbs and fresh produce year round! (insert dreamy sigh).








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